Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentine's Party Invitations

For our annual "Galentine's" celebration, this year I decided we would make some chocolate truffles for everyone to take home to their sweethearts (or keep for themselves!) So I made a double batch of dark chocolate mocha ganache and let the guests roll their own truffles. I had a heart craft box for everyone to put their truffles in, along with customized calligraphy gift tags. But we'll get to all that later - first, the invitations!
I wanted to work an unexpected color into the design, and inspired by this tablewear, I chose mint. I found the "Victorian" die cut cards at Paper Presentation and loved them for the sheer girliness. I asked for tiny hearts to be worked into the calligraphy where possible to highlight the Valentine's theme, and then topped it off with a cheeky RSVP card that guests were excited to mail back.
Calligraphy isn't quite the splurge it seems to be - especially for a smaller party. These days there are so many talented people on Etsy that don't charge a fortune. I've loved working with Caitlin of Charlie Whiskey Design (you can see her work featured in our Friendsgiving dinner).
Later this week I'll share the bar cart design and photos of the desserts (there were 7!)
In the meantime: 2014 Valentine's Bar Cart Design, Free Valentine's Day Printables, Valentine's Day Fashion Inspiration

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