Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thanksgiving Appetizers: Baked Ricotta Dip & Truffled Potato Chips

Deciding what to serve before a Thanksgiving feast can be tricky. There definitely needs to be a little something for guests to nibble on, but you don't want to spoil their appetites before the main event. For our Friendsgiving celebration this year I decided on this baked ricotta dip with truffled potato chips and crudités. (Hostess confession: Foragers was out of the truffle chips so I had to sub in rosemary and the sign didn't match the chips. The party went on.)
Traditionally I have been very against crudités. Who is ever on their way to a party thinking "Gee I really hope I can eat some plain raw vegetables tonight." But in this case I thought it paired nicely with the dip and wouldn't invite guests to stuff themselves the way a cheese board would. The ricotta dip itself is wonderfully light and the lemon and chives make it refreshing. You can find the recipe at the Kitchn.
I decided that if I had to serve raw veggies I wanted to do so in a fun and unexpected way, so I put them in this terrarium (last seen holding candy on my Halloween bar cart). I bought the terrarium with zero plans to use it for its intended purpose, as I hate indoor plants. They are always dusty and I feel like they attract bugs. Candy and potato chips however, I can get behind.
Photography by Darren Gantt

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