Friday, November 14, 2014

Beauty Products for Holiday Travel

Are you traveling during the holiday season? Somehow the events I'm attending between now and the new year are spread out all over the place: from Florida to Texas to Washington state to Mexico. That is a LOT for 6 weeks. So it occurred to me that I'd better get my travel bag in order. Below are the products that I rely on for travel and why. You can click the images to shop directly from the post!

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads are my #1 most essential product for travel. 30 minutes before your flight lands, wipe your face with one of these to get rid of that yucky plane feeling. Then follow up with Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and Beauty Flash Eye Revive. I love the Beauty Flash line because it does exactly what it claims - reduces redness and puffiness. It instantly makes me feel more awake, which is why it's also my go-to for mornings after too much champagne. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment is a great defense against the dry air on planes. (Has anyone tried the advanced serum? I'm curious.)

For the party: Drybar answered my travel prayers with a new all-in-one product released this fall. Triple Sec is a volumizer, texturizer and dry shampoo. It also has just enough hold so you can skip the hairspray. It's perfect for refreshing plane hair, and the mini version saves a ton of space in my bag. Like hair products, perfumes are difficult to travel with. If your favorite scent doesn't come in a rollerball version, pour a little in an atomizer.

Nails: If your manicure doesn't last the weekend (mine never does) and you can't stand chipped nails, Butter's 2 in 1 remover and nail prep pads are great to have stashed in your bag. Top with a layer of Dior Nail Glow so you can still look polished. It's prettier than clear but not a real color for those who are terrible at painting their own nails (me).

Before bed: Tarte Fresh Eyes makeup remover wipes save room in your tiny liquids bag. I'm convinced Dr. Dennis Gross' Alpha Beta Peel is some sort of sorcery. This is the best thing you can do for tired skin - you'll basically wake up with a new face. And they come in individual packets so you only have to pack as many as you need. A quick scrub with Fresh Sugar Lip Polish helps keep dried out lips from chapping. (Top with another layer of Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment.) A few drops of Clarins Radiance Booster in your moisturizer gives you just a touch of self tanning - never orange - just enough to look a bit more glowey. Happy travels!!

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