Thursday, August 7, 2014

Picnic Essentials: Part 2

TOP: Maldon Salt Travel Tin I'm completely hooked on finishing salt - I've even started carrying one of these tins in my purse in case I end up at a restaurant that only provides regular table salt. (Yes, I just said that.) | Mobile Foodie Survival Kit A compact way to carry all your favorite spices (also great for rental houses). If you'd rather fill your own, you can buy an empty set here. | Roll-up Bartender Set for those serious about their cocktails no matter the venue.

MIDDLE: Cutting Board | Cheese Knife | Flameless Tea Lights to help you create ambiance without getting kicked out of the park! | Pareo as a blanket that takes up minimal room in your picnic basket | Personalized Wine Opener via Summit Engraving Ltd on Etsy 

BOTTOM: Corkcicle Vinnebago promises to keep your wine cold for up to 25 hours | Corkcicle Original | Tip: when you're technically not allowed to bring alcohol, a Pellegrino bottle holds exactly 1 bottle of wine. Shhh! | Working Glasses with Lids for packing up salads or spreads | Roll-up Backgammon 

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