Monday, August 4, 2014

3 Free, Pretty August Downloads for Desktop & Mobile

Hello! I realize I've been especially light on posting recently - so thank you for still being here! I've really been enjoying summer and I hope you have also. I just read somewhere (probably Pinterest) that August is the Sunday of Summer. So let's make the most of it! Your August downloads are as SUMMER as it gets. As always, click the links in the captions to go to the designers' sites to download.
Julie Song for Design Love Fest
Alexa Evans for Design Love Fest
In keeping with our tradition of checking in re: the month ahead, do you guys have any big plans for August? I'm looking forward to a week in my favorite place: Napa. Plans for a more elaborate vacation in France had to be put on hold, but I didn't waste a second crying over that. I've been surrounded by pages and pages of notes about new vineyards to visit and restaurants to try. While we're on the topic - if anyone has any recommendations, please share! We'll be returning to some old favorites but we love discovering new ones. In the meantime, I do have one more summer terrace party to plan - a birthday party for one of my best friends. I'm excited to share the details with you later in the month. Other than that I'm spending the next three weeks trying to return to the discipline of my spring cleanse - all of my substituting rosé for water and "oh I'll just have burrata for dinner" has, sadly, caught up with me. Remember the scene on Friends where Ross can't get his leather pants back on? That's what I felt like when I tried on ALL of my pants last week. Tragic. Luckily our CSA has been delivering amazing produce - it's a lot easier to eat clean in August than the dead of winter. If only it was as easy to turn down those mid-week "let's meet for a drink at the wine bar" invitations! C'est la vie.

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