Tuesday, June 3, 2014

3 Free, Pretty June Downloads for Desktop & Mobile

Since sharing these pretty tech downloads has become a monthly post, I thought I'd also use this time to check in re: the month ahead. Do you have any big plans for June?? I'm hosting a "fiesta" this weekend that has grown from a casual gathering to a 10+ pages of prep notes type of event. Not that I'm complaining! I ordered most of the party supplies from Shop Sweet Lulu, who kindly agreed to offer a special promo code just for A Bar Cart in Brooklyn readers! I'll be sharing all the fiesta details and photos with you next week. I can't wait! Then at the end of June I'm going to be traveling to Peaks Island to host a weekend-long house party in my home state. I absolutely love travel-hosting, and this is the first opportunity I'll have to share my tips on being a traveling hostess with you, so I'm excited for that.

Here are my favorite freebies for this month. As always, click the links in the captions to go to the designers' sites to download. Happy June!!

Delighted Magazine

Sugar Paper
Design Love Fest


  1. Thanks for including my wallpaper Monica! xo

    1. No, thank you! It's my favorite this month - currently on my desktop! xo