Thursday, March 6, 2014

Weekend Links: The Latest in Eating & Drinking

Ralph Lauren's Table at DIFFA's Dining by Design Event
I'm leaving you a day early this week because my husband and I are spending a long weekend in Lake Tahoe with some friends, in a little chalet sans Internet. Yes I know about mobile hotspots, and I have one. But the truth is, I'm looking forward to a tech-free vacation. A dinner party in the mountains where no one is watching youtube on their iPad? Sign me up. So here are your links for the weekend - the latest in eating & drinking: 


The March Produce Guide (The Vintage Mixer) - Save this image to your phone so you know what to look for at the market.

"Please, just stop with the photos." 20 Pieces of Advice Every Foodie Needs to Hear (Huff Post)

What Pastis (now on hiatus) meant for the Meatpacking District, and NYC as a whole: Sex, Steak Frites, and Every Celebrity on the Planet: The Golden Years of Pastis (Grub Street)


Maybe this explains why so many bartenders seem to barely look up from their iPhones anymore: Is the Era of the Bar Manual Over? (PUNCH)

9 Reasons to Bring Back Cocktail Parties (Huff Post) - I agree with every single one of these wholeheartedly.

Behind Bars: The secret vocabulary of New York's finest drinking establishments. (The New York Times) I've been to an embarrassingly low number of these - new spring/summer bucket list? Any place called "Extra Fancy" sounds good to me.

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