Friday, March 28, 2014

Weekend Links: Are you there, spring?

Image Credit: Note to Self Print Shop
...Something to keep in mind during what is supposed to be a chilly, rainy weekend in NYC. Thankfully we still have a few bottles of our house red in the wine fridge. When oh when will it be time for rosé?!

This is SO useful: Beautiful bottles by color for your bar cart (Hank & Hunt)

Trend We Love: Gold Wire Sideframe Tables (Lonny) - If we had room for another side table, I'd go for one of these.

Hopefully we'll never need to know this, but just in case: How to salvage overcooked cake (The Faux Martha)

How to trick people into thinking you're French (Garance Doré) - #2 Eat bread. Baguettes. Croissants. Do this without gaining a pound - has some truth to it. There is a French woman at my yoga studio who I noticed twice this week walking into class eating a giant almond croissant. I'm baffled by her.

I'm loving all of these: 6 Easy Pieces to Refresh Your Spring Wardrobe (The Atelier) You can find several of them on my Spring Style board.

Good question: Why are wine and cocktails absent from restaurant criticism? (PUNCH)

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