Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Buy Now: The Social Type's Matchboxes

These matchboxes by The Social Type warrant a full post, because I have been waiting SO LONG for them to reach stores. I first caught a glimpse of them in photos from a stationery show, and I have been stalking the website since. A few of the styles have already sold out, but I'm sure (I hope!) they'll restock soon. I did manage to get my hands on the "I'm in Love" and "Cocktails" versions. The black & gold will be perfect for my post-Valentine's / pre-spring bar cart. So far I've found them available at Hattan Home (my latest online shopping obsession) and Leif. Any of these with a mini candle would make a perfect hostess gift, or how about the "Make a Wish" version with a cake as a birthday gift?! Perfection.

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  1. Miss Monica! Will be adding a few more styles this week! Thanks for the share! xo