Friday, January 10, 2014

Weekend Links: The Latest in Winter Celebration

Watching the Snow Fall from One Girl Cookies
Any fun plans this weekend? Tomorrow I am co-hosting a baby shower - a first for me - so I'm learning as I go. Do baby showers usually feature bar carts? I guess they do now! We've had far more people RSVP for the shower than we'd anticipated, so it's going to be an interesting challenge in our Brooklyn apartment. Expect lots of photos next week in the realm of baby bar cart design (?!), favors, and invitations. The color scheme is navy & hot pink and the theme is whales - preppy, nautical cuteness.

For those of you who have been drinking your way through the Arctic Chill, Feed Me Phoebe put together a list of "natural" hangover cures. Kombucha has definitely replaced Gatorade in my 30's. I'd like to call that growth. Has anyone out there tried her charcoal recommendation? I'm curious about it.

Have you guys been baking cookies all week? Serious Eats breaks down the science behind the best possible chocolate chip cookie. Similar to the New York Times "Quest for the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie" article a few years back, this is porn for baking nerds. Enjoy.
I really enjoyed this new interview with Alice Waters found on Epicurious. She's long been #1 on my "dream dinner party guest list" - funny to learn that Jay-Z is on hers. I fully agree with her statement on farm-to-table dining: "This is not a trend. This is us coming back to our senses." Amen, Alice.


  1. I know you're excited for the navy and hot pink theme for the baby shower since those were your wedding colors! I look forward to seeing some pics.

    1. Yes, the colors definitely took me back! Happy coincidence that the mother-to-be chose them for her nursery.