Friday, January 17, 2014

Weekend Links: The Latest in Cocktail Celebration

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Though I can no longer handle more than one cocktail in an evening (which my mid-20's self would certainly not understand) I've been making an attempt to learn more about the art of cocktails.

1. PUNCH explains the rise of the cocktail bar in Paris: "In cocktails Parisians can taste liberation from wine's outsize role in French culture in a way that's hard for Americans to understand, mostly because we have no equivalent historical burden." Speaking of Paris - have you all taken the "What City Should You Actually Live In?" quiz that's been going around this week? One guess what my answer was. Très bien!

2. "How to order a martini like a pro" from the Huffington Post. Now if only they could explain how to drink one like a pro (meaning still be able to walk afterward!)

3. As a refresher, The Boys Club outlines the basics: 5 Terms to Know When Ordering a Drink. 

4. Food52 offers a lesson in "How to Make (Almost) Perfect Ice at Home." (Did any of you even realize this was a problem?) They explain: "That sexy, crystal-clear ice cube in your $14 drink is denser than the cloudy stuff in your freezer, which means it's slower to melt. Less melting means less dilution; your drink retains its flavor longer." Who knew?! If you care enough, you can follow their guide to getting better ice in your home freezer.


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