Friday, December 6, 2013

Weekend Links: Getting into the Holiday Spirit

Has everyone recovered from Thanksgiving? I've been seeing a lot of photos of green juices on my Instagram feed. I myself find it difficult to switch gears from feasting to (juice) fasting so quickly. But I admire those of you with the willpower to do so! Also I'm finding that with Thanksgiving falling so late this year, I'm a bit behind, not on preparing for the holidays but on getting into the spirit of them. In case anyone else feels the same, here are a few blog freebies and other links that should help:

1. Grown-up Shoes December 2013 Wallpaper - currently on my computer. Simple and pretty.
2. A Pair of Pears has a free printable for your mantle or bar cart.
3. Antiquaria is having a holiday card exchange. Simply add them to your holiday card mailing list, and they'll send you one of theirs - which are sure to be BEAUTIFUL - addressed by their calligrapher. I love love love their designs. And who wouldn't want to receive something so pretty in their mailbox?
4. Work on the above while listening to Darling Magazine's Monthly Music Mix: December Holiday.
5. So this one is really silly, and has nothing to do with entertaining (except maybe that epic Christmas party Kevin threw with zero living guests). Home Alone: Pug Puppy Version - too cute not to share.

Holiday parties are officially beginning this weekend. I have my first to attend tomorrow - thank goodness for our lovely Megan's advice on holiday party attire! Next week I'm hosting (and sharing with you!) a little "Joyeux Noel" themed lunch, and we'll discuss holiday bar cart design. Looking forward to it!

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