Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Raise a Toast: Champagne Coupe Glasses

With the holiday entertaining season coming up - and bringing with it many occasions for champagne toasts (my favorite!) - I thought this would be a good time for a little glassware refresher. Nothing against the traditional champagne flute, but I absolutely adore the coupe glass. Technically longer glasses are better suited to preserve the bubbles in champagne, which go flat faster in the bowl of a coupe glass. But who takes that long to drink one little glass of bubbly anyway? Certainly no one I know. Coupes are also great for serving up mixed drinks and make a stylish alternative to a martini glass. If you're curious, last year The Huffington Post weighed in on the history of the coupe glass. And in case you want to start a collection like fashion designer Thom Browne, who has about 50-60 sets (new personal goal?!), here are some great options:
A Bar Cart in Brooklyn | Champagne Coupe Glasses

One: Mikasa Cheers Champagne Saucers Two: Riedel Grape Champagne Coupes Three: Vera Wang Wedgewood Sequin Saucer Four: LSA International Savoy Champagne Saucer Five: Monique Lhuillier Waterford Blush Champagne Coupes Six: Crate & Barrel Rosa Sparkling Wine Glass Seven: BHLDN Rosy-Cheeked Coupes Eight: Waterford Mixology Coupes (You might recognize these from my Apple Cider Cocktail!)

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