Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!

From a bar cart in Portland, Maine…
I'm spending this Thanksgiving with friends in my home state. I asked our hostess Alicia to share her personal rules of entertaining with us today. And she knows what she's talking about - she was recently interviewed on MPBN, a local Portland radio station, because she has become so well known for her party hosting skills. Here are her tips!

1. Have at least one recipe that requires a little wine so you can drink the rest while cooking.
2. Wear lipstick.
3. Make sure someone else does the dishes.

I like her style. She's a LOT more laid back than I am, and I am doing my best to learn from her as I help her prepare to host Thanksgiving dinner.
Labeling serving dishes, as we talked about here.
I hope everyone has a wonderful celebration today and a fun long weekend! 

I'm taking tomorrow off from the blog to experience the bakeries culture in Portland. I'll be back on Monday to talk holiday prep. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!