Wednesday, November 13, 2013

10 Festive Wine Totes to Disguise a Last Minute Gift

In case you're not the type of person who prepares homemade hostess gifts for the holidays (which is okay!) you can still be a gracious guest by gifting your host one of these festive reusable wine totes. It certainly makes a better impression than one of those awful metallic gift bags from the wine store (honestly, I'd rather a plain paper bag than have someone spend money on something so hideous!) Here are some fun, festive totes that you can order now and stash away for holiday parties. It might seem early but I promise it's not - we'll all be wearing ugly sweaters in just a few weeks' time! (Oh, boy). To make it easy for you to order several at once, I chose totes from just two shops: Society Social and Towne9. Specific links below.
A Bar Cart in Brooklyn | 10 Festive Wine Totes
1. Christmas Tree | 2. Snowman | 3. After Party | 4. Gin & Juice | 5. Salute | 6. Cheers | 7. Reindeer | 8. Cin Cin | 9. Bottoms Up! | 10. Celebrate.

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